Hiking in the Adirondack Mountains

Our family has enjoyed the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. In the fall of 1997 I set a goal to climb all 46 of the so called High Peaks- those mountains over 4000 ft. After 22 trips and over 300 miles of Adirondack mud, I completed the last in September 2001. My ADK 46er number is 4905. Many have no trails, all are difficult, but overall it has been a fantastic experience. Eric was on most of those hikes with me, and in the summer of 2004 completed his last peak as well, just a few days after we moved to Virginia. The chart below shows our family progress to date, but now that we live farther away, I suspect progress will be stalled for a while.


Here are a few pictures of our hiking.

Panorama from Basin Mountain. My personal favorite view.
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basin thumb

This is Eric finishing his 46th and last peak on a Scout outing a few weeks after we moved to Virginia. He then flew down to meet us on a free ticket he got when he was bumped on our house hunting trip earlier in the year
Another of Eric at Lake Colden. This was our last hike together there...22 miles and 3 peaks. colden
One of me at the top of Gothics in the winter after an ice storm, on the rare day with sun but no wind.
Another in the winter when conditions were not quite as favorable. A february ski and snowshow up Marcy.
We took these four scouts on a full day over several ridges, including this steep ascent with a cable to keep you from sliding down the mountian side Gothics
Melissa and Eric on top of Haystack and few years ago Melissa Eric
Canoeing in the autumn...

Skiing across the frozen  ponds is a great experience, especially at night during a bright moon.