Albany NY Stake YM Outing 2001

On 18 Aug 2001, Young Men from the Albany NY Stake hiked through the Adirondack Mountains on one of the many beautiful days that year. The gathering began the night before with a sleep over, in light of the 5am start time. The early start time, however, did not keep the Young Men from staying up all night. A 2 hour trip took the one driver and 4 sleepers to the base of the mountains in St Huberts. Starting the hike at about 7:30, the climb covered Lower Wolfjaw, Upper Wolfjaw, Armstrong, Gothics, Saddleback, back to Gothics, Sawteeth, then down the 'scenic' train to Lower Ausable Lake before returning to St. Huberts. All in all, a great trip, covering 21 miles and appx 7000 ft ascent. A few photos follow. (please email if you would like any of the full pictures).

P8170025.JPG (379874 bytes)
Looks pretty dark out there before piling into the car. Eric, Doug, Jaren, and Jameson.

P8170026.JPG (415294 bytes)
Catching up on the sleep on the drive up. Rumor has it they were up all of the night before.

P8170028.JPG (445255 bytes)
One of the waterfalls on the way up.

P8170029.JPG (474564 bytes)
Doug showing some rock climbing skill.

P8170030.JPG (447393 bytes)
Hang on tight on those rocky spots. Lot's of fun...

P8170031.JPG (419851 bytes)
We only lost one over the edge.

P8170032 rot.JPG (492192 bytes)
Jameson showing the hard way up.

P8170036.JPG (448790 bytes)
Fixed cable helped out on the steeper parts on Gothics. Haystack is in the back.

P8170037.JPG (428156 bytes)
The victory shot.

P8170038 rot.JPG (266321 bytes)
A few ladders came in handy as well.

P8170040 rot.JPG (406872 bytes)
From this spot we were able to throw rocks into the lake, 500 ft below.

P8170041.JPG (457465 bytes)
Thinking about swimming, but not actually swimming.

P8170042.JPG (363329 bytes)
And 4 tired but happy young men. (Photograph taken by James from the ambulance.)