Mt Rainier Ascents

I have had the chance to climb Mt Rainier three times, once in 1993 with a guided service, again in 1995 with my brother, brother-in-law and nephew, and in 2005 with my son Eric. Three for three is a pretty good record for a mountain as unpredictable as that. It's roughly a 4,000 ft climb over a snow field the first day, an overnight camp at 10,000ft, then an early morning start, a 4,000 ft ascent up the glaciers, a trip across the summit cone, and a 9,000 ft decent the second day, although we planned a day or two at base camp in case of bad weather. This definetely has to be on the life list.

First, Eric and me on the summit cone in 200 eric
Eric and me at the base. The huge mountain is visible from Seattle.
A view during the ascent, with the glaciers clearly visible.
Basecamp in the evening in 2005. Note the shadow of the mountain over the horizon.
At the base in 1995 with my brother Bruce, my brother-in-law Andy, and his son Peter.
A view of the crevasses.
The summit in 1995:
The summit in 1993.
summit 1993